Being Dutch for DIWALI

Being Dutch for DIWALI

By: Chandamama - 02 Oct -
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I love that almost all religions have a festival that celebrates light, the triumph of that which is luminous over that which is dark.

When I got to India I found Diwali to be scintillating and exciting --  the lamps and lights, the firecrackers, the joy and the merry-making -- it was all very magical and I enjoyed it fiercely. But cities like Delhi go all out on Diwali, and the effect is dazzling … to the point of ear-splitting. I find the noise and the pollution caused from all the fireworks to be overwhelming.

And then in the runup to Diwali, the social calendar starts filling up. Invitations of Card Parties are lining up, and that fills me with a little panic. Everyone goes all out with shopping and picking up their attires for the zillion Diwali card parties. The dress code for any Diwali function is obviously traditional. 

So, my plan for surviving this year's Diwali is: I decided it's high time I learn how to play cards, I will purchase couple of Diwali outfits and I will look into getting out of town for Diwali.

Let the madness begin :)..


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