More Meaning

More Meaning

By: Chandamama - 20 Sep -
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Do you have any birthdays coming up? Ann's birthday is October 1st, so I've been brainstorming a gift and has me wondering. As we buy more and more, do kids really value the things they have?

To be honest, she only has a couple of things I think she really holds dear. One of which is her gold name plate bracelet that my grandmother (her great-grand mother) gave to her. It was given to her at birth and she wore it ever since. How incredible that she held onto it and maintained it for all these year even though she is so small. I can't think of any thing I've purchase for her that means that much to her.

With all the talk about sustainability, and with her great-grandmothers bracelet around her wrist serving as a reminder, I'm on the hunt for a meaningful birthday gift that she can treat with care and keep with her a long time.

Any suggestions that could help me out are welcome :)!


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