Do or Don’t: Kids Sharing a Bedroom

Do or Don’t: Kids Sharing a Bedroom

By: John - 18 May -
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Do your kids share a room? We’ve been putting Seb and Anna into the same room for ten years now, but they’ve recently gotten really into having “sleepovers.” We’re planning to officially move Seb into his own room soon, but he doesn’t seem to be dying for his own space. It will be strange for me also. Their whole routine is together — they brush their teeth together, play a game and we read. How am I going to do two different bedtime routines?

I think sharing a room is great, but I think once you hit the tween/teen years you need your own space but until then it’s nice to share.

He’s got truly creative with the ideas for decorating his new room. Seb is interested in travel, the world, and has a very inquisitive mind. These two details seem to be the theme for his design. I will try to add a world map on one wall for him.

Did you share a room growing up?


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