Boy Talk

Boy Talk

By: Chandamama - 13 Feb -
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Anna was in bed and I looked at her sleeping. A soft inner voice had something to reflect and accept. “One day other people will stare at her beauty while she sleeps.” I had to take a deep breath to calm myself over such a thought. Relationships, girlfriends and boyfriends isn't occupying Anna's mind in a big way -I think yet! but the subject came up today and I felt almost a little sad. I don't want her little girl's innocence to go, but... 

Mum do you know, I have liked this boy and now the problem is I think he likes my friend more. I looked at her, so brave and honest and real. I told her "but I know there are lots of boys who like you" "...but I like this one.." Hm, good point. “It might be that the boy you find yourself liking, is also liked by other girls in the class, so you have to be mindful of each other’s feelings, and also your own.” I said, thinking of myself at this age. “I remember when Michiel stopped liking me and started liking Simone, I was very upset. I still liked Simone as a good friend though.” I said. “Then Michiel started liking another girl. I think that bothered me more because Michiel had always sort of liked both me and Simone, but when he started liking the other girl, I was not used to that.” 

Anna wanted to hear my primary school and highschool boyfriends in chronological order from beginning to end. “In primary school there was only one boy I liked, Michiel, and in secondary, well I will tell you more when you are that age yourself.” Anna begged a little and before long, I was involved once again in a conversation about my own experiences. I found myself wondering if other mothers are having the same conversations? The more I spoke about it, the more I released what a confusing, and exciting time adolescence is. I felt for Anna and simultaneously I was overjoyed at her curiosity and her desire to explore what it is to love. 

I feel incredibly happy that she is willing to share it with me. I do not try to be Anna’s friend. But we are friends. I knew that Anna would file away this story as she has done with all the other stories.  I enjoy these chats with her and I will be on hand to help her process, and try to make wise choices... 

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